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A cheap and easy way to light your aquarium. While this idea has been around for a very long time in the hobby, it certainly is one of my favorite ways to light my aquariums and save money at the same time. I hope to revitalize this simple idea for you guys. No DIY experience needed, yet will feel like a DIY project and save you some money like one!


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  1. I brought a used fish tank floroscent and it looks purplish when I turn it upside down is it good for plant growing? But in the tank doesn't really look purplish what type is it?

  2. good video. I have no skills this plug and play might work for me. if I were to hang above the tank 1-2 feet above the tank, would it still work?

  3. Just did this for a aquarium, thank you soo much joey, got the same exact shop light as you and the same bulbs. only costed 15 and i saved 10% because employee discount. have been watching your videos for a long time, just thought i should share that i saved  over 200 dollars on my aquarium because of your tips and tricks! Thank you!

  4. great idea, but if it's got an old fashion tar ballast, id pass. An electronic ballast will be lighter weight and run the bulbs more effiecently with brighter light.



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