Catching fish in my 2,000G aquarium

the king of diy catches the fish in his monster aquarium in order to give them a new aquarium. The fish being caught are the clouded archer fish. Joey intends to set up a specific themed fish tank for these fish. An aquarium that the archers can do what they do best! SPIT their food off a target!! Plus, it will allow them for a much more natural environment to their specific needs.

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0:00 intro
0:46 the plan
2:01 Arowana almost attacks
2:11 failing to catch the fish
2:30 getting help
3:15 getting in the tank
4:48 why i have to catch them ALL
5:09 catching the archers
6:32 did i miss one?
7:32 archers in the holding tank
9:17 whats next
10:41 thats it for today

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