Catching fish, creating dither fish, Arowana aquarium AND discus update

The arowana are doing awesome, but im not so sure im still happy with a few aquariums… Tried to move some rainbows around, which was next to impossible. Discus are doing amazing though!

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  1. I remember I used to have like 6 rainbow fish and a zebra striped one and one other one. they were all about the same size except for the other 2 fish which were only a little bit bigger. The rainbow fish started disappearing one by one and one of the two bigger fish was eating them. Once hey we're all gone the zebra fish was there with floating heads and all I don't know what happened the fish guy said they would be fine 😭 poor fish

  2. I just feel sorry for them at feeding time. 🙁 They are missing out on the searching and hunting experience. The price they must pay for being spoiled (well taken care of). hee hee

  3. They look very healthy (happy) and I love how they break the surface! Reminds me of how wild fish do that…. probably when bugs are flying overhead? Fish are amazing creatures and I like to define adventure as a fish out of water…. because some of them actually will leap into the air.

  4. Hey Joey what's up? Next time you need to catch some fish try not to do fast movements this way your stressing the fish with will make them more aware and active. Try to get them to come up to a corner slowly and scooped them upwards, and even sometimes you'll notice that the fish will swim inside the net on their own. I used to work in a pet shop and trust me it's frustrating when you get a customer choosing one particular fish in the middle of dozens of them and they start swimming like crazy.

  5. I noticed that you have so many fish tanks, how do you manage to keep all of them so sparkly clean??
    I have just a small fish tank and it gets real dirty and brownish just after 2 weeks.
    Is it my filter problem or is it because I don't have any cleaning crew?
    I have two fish by the way.



Their FIRST aquarium tour!

24 hours Timelapse of a Mud Crab in Cellular systems

24 hours Timelapse of a Mud Crab in Cellular systems