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  1. Do the guides serve any purpose other than alignment during assembly? Could this be built without full length guides and instead with braces that provide reinforcement where the load bearing uprights meet the base and top frames? This would reduce weight and free up some space underneath.

  2. So I’m building a stand for my 20 gallon long tank. And I’m curious do I need (2) 2x4s that connect the top and bottom frames for each corner. Or will one be enough?

  3. Joey, you rock! I'd like to build this stand but was wondering if there are any special requirements (support) for a rimless/frameless 26 gallon tank (32inch X 12inch) base?

  4. I am building a stand for my 90 gallon tank with the dimensions of 48.5" x 18.5" x 25.375" and would like to know what measurements for the wood cuts I would need. I would like the stand to be around 32" tall. Please let me know what wood cuts I would need and how many of each. Thanks

  5. Thanks for going over the security behind the support of the stands. It really shows that you care, and this goes back to your DIY roots and one of the integral factors that have thrust you onto all of our screens! Good video Joseph!

  6. Hey, Joey! I am planning to build my own aquarium stand for 290 gallon tank .The way you do it and all that calculations looks really simple. But how can you tell how much that wood can hold? Can u help me with the answers please. Don't really want to mess up with all the water going all over the place after my DIY stand fails to hold all of that weight.. And do you have Any measuring system? Thank you in advance 😊✌🏻

  7. I can see one aquarium in each room of the house. Then no matter what you are doing there will be an aquarium in view. And BTW you'll never make 50 if you don't get off of whatever kind of juice you are on. Be it energy drinks or something worse. AND you might consider opening up a pet shop. Then there would be an actual reason
    for you to have 89 aquariums.


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