Building an in-wall aquarium!

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welcome to the 4th video on how to build a large aquarium system.
So far we have built the 2 8 foot long 200 gallon acrylic aquariums.
We have also built the rack for them to sit on.
In today’s video, we were going to rip the wall down and then rip the 540 gallon aquarium apart so we can move the new double tank system into its place.


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  1. Hi I have watched loads of your videos it mite just be me
    I am starting to plan my first self build but when I think about the size of acrylic I need I often get confused as the thickness of the acrylic would change the size of each panel
    Do you have a way of doing it
    I am wanting to build a 4ft long by 1ft tall and 6inch deep could you help

  2. Joey, how do you move your large fish like the arawana and rays from one tank to another? Do you use a container? a large net? How do you catch them?

  3. i looked all your videos and its great. i wish i can build all that in uk for the same price, here in uk the cost is a lot more and some stuf u cant even get lol. 🙂 keep up with good work. thanks

  4. Nooooooo. Toooo short of a video 🙁

    I thibk that yo u should just for get about The glass. I don't think it's worth the hassle.
    Already waiting for next Sunday. Lol



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