Building an AQUARIUM out of TRASH

Building an AQUARIUM out of TRASH


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  1. Make like that for a beta I feel that a nice beta tank that size would be nice in the gallery for those of use just starting the whole hobby and chose beta as our first fish

  2. This does kind of point one thing out. All of your tanks now are closed on top, you should do a little plant escaped open top tank like that, maybe something wide and skinnyThat you can put some small fish and shrimp in there with some easy plants and have the open top and come up with something kind of cool like you were saying terrarium type plants on top and an open top water surface. Maybe do a white skinny one with a decent water flow from one side to the other like a little river tank. That would just be something different in the gallery. You could put Hillstream loach in there and name it Rachel. And you could do something like you were talking about with lightning fast scapes or not necessarily fast but maybe just get two or three tanks that you can just play with and switch stuff out constantly or just whenever you feel like it just to try new designs out on a smaller scale.

  3. It looks pretty good from camera distance. I love the wood pieces that you've found. Face it, you are now at a point that you are simply unable to make a lousy 'scape ; — } You are right, a few plants would make the 'scape look more complete, but then so would an actual aquarium that holds water. I think you can call it a "sketch" of a 'scape that you would like to make in the near future…… Don't go crazy, All the snow has gone out here in the Okanagan and it feels like spring.

  4. Bro can u suggest me thickness of glass not aralic glass for my tank 8ft in length 4ft in breath and 2ft in height because i see u have a nice experience in building up a beautiful aqurium in large size plz

  5. some of the conditions you placed on the project remind me of the conditions being stoned places on projects. "Oh the clamps are outside, if only I had the clamps, oh well, too far away"

  6. Wow, didn't realise it was still snowing there. We've been having summer-type weather here, like full on 20 degrees Celsius and clear skies. :p Weird for the time of year, mind, also we haven't had any proper snow this winter…. (I'm in the Netherlands, the ice skating competitions are a distant memory, whelp)


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