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  1. i know its 3 years old but, hit the subtitles option man, deaf people like fish too. Some of your videos are missing them and I really like your content, but i need the subs.

  2. Hey Joey, any views about the 3rd way of building it? i.e. front and back glass on edges of bottom and side glasses over the bottom and between front and back glasses.
    Assuming 8mm thick glass with 24"x18"x15"

    Bottom: 24"x18"
    Front/Back: 24"x15"
    Sides: 18"x (15"-8mm)

  3. Hey! I just built my first aquarium using your vids. It's a 25 gallon square. One mistake was not using tape to get an even seam.. 2h of scraping and it looks good. I just filled it up after it sat for 48h to dry and i'm a bit worried because if i push or pull on the walls, i can see the silicone actually move a little. Is that normal? It has no leaks so far and looks good.

  4. I realize this is an older video but hopefully you will reply. I want to build 4 5 g tanks that are 12"L x 10"W x 10"H the GARF calculator says 1/4" glass. Is that the size I should use or can I use something thinner? Thanks for the great tutorial. Liked and subbed.

  5. I have 2 60 gallon tanks. I’d like to build using (4) 48L X 25H , 1/4” thick glass forming the walls. Is 1/4” glass too thin for that?

  6. Question here I have looked at almost 300 + hrs of video and info but cant seem to find the correct answer…
    Whats the best way to brace my DIM GLASS TANK? 40 Gallon…
    Measurements will be 38" L X 13" W, the H is 21"
    So that said do I need to Brace my tank or will it hold I will barely do the silicone part of the aquarium and sure I will d a video for you to see my AQUARIUM and cheap $$$

  7. im rebuilding an aquarium my neighbor gave me, its a 55 gallon but the plastic bracing frame broke and when its filled with water it slightly bows. so rather than press my luck and flood my living room im going to repair the tank.

    the bottom bracing frame is still solid, could i simply leave the bottom frame sealed and use it as a guide to square my rebuild?

    this tank was built in 1996 and i have no idea if a previous owner resealed it since, but there's definitely some deteriorated silicone so this needs to happen.

    thanks for any input!

  8. Hi, I have an Aqueon long 55 gallon tank. I want to remove a side panel and flip the tank on its side and attach the panel where the top once was. The point would be to get more surface area for my alligator snapper. I was wondering if it would be okay since I would on top of the bottom and would have to attach on the sides?



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