Breeding Discus

Breeding discus. Today I share with you, my experiences.
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  1. Hi, ive noticed theres tadpoles like creature sticking on a rubber hose. Then i search google and it brought me here. What should i do for the next step. By the way, i dont even know which ones the parents.

  2. I changed the of the aquarium location in my home yesterday

    After that, I siphoned 30% of the water

    Unfortunately when I go ahead

    the aquarium

    The pair are afraid of me and go behind the sponge biofilter and hide from me

  3. My pair have laid eggs about 15 times now. Ever week a new patch.
    Once they have hatched but within a week she or He ate them.
    The other 14 times. On the 3rd day the eggs are gone. Does this mean they aren’t fertile. Even though once they had babies.

  4. Any chance could you do the same thing for angels, if yours ever breed? I’ve done a lot of research, and they seem to always “disappear” after a few days. The parents are really good parents, the fry just slowly die off after a few days of free swimming.

  5. Hi King ! I notice many time in your video the blue water. Are you using methylene blue some time? If yes I would be realy interested in a sort video on why and when!!! Thank you for the nice chanel and this huge job!!!

  6. OMG I could not stop watching and laughing as the juvenile discus would swim into and ride the bubbles form the bubbler over and over again. I literally saw one go in it multiple times and it was almost like I could see him saying weeeeeeeeeeeeee, lol!

  7. I'm looking to breed bettas, i got myself a beautiful make but sadly he is too old to breed but he is a beautiful gentle fish hes a beautiful light blue that fades into a white on his fins…i just got into the hobby so i got a long way to go 🙂 learning what i can from research



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