BIG aquarium move

Moved the big aquarium tank… had to…. wasn’t using the space. Felt too closed in. Much better now.

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  1. I genuinely enjoy when Youtube suggests me a new Pet owner's Vlogs. The best part is that it usually suggests me an older video, and next thing you know, I get to experience the last few years of a pet owners life.

    Loving your videos so far, and i've got a ton more to watch. Thanks for the content!

  2. Hey joey! My 9 year old nephew&I watch your channel. Ive gotten so many ideas from your channel & can't wait to start building my first aquarium & diy canister. I love the energy&passion in all your v. I don't think people get how hard it is to cover that many tanks in a certain amount of time. Can't wait to see what you put in the 2000g next. Arowana, P.bass,gar, knife&my personal favorite oscars. Thanks again joey& can't wait for your next update on the 2k.

  3. Is there a video on actual process of setting up/plumbing the 120's in the rack? How you got in there to plumb them or how it's avoided? Is it flex hose for drains? Some insight to how that rack looks from the back. That sort of thing.

  4. Hey bro love all the info your provide. What are some lower end wacemakers that might work as well as the eco tech. I'm trying to make current for my arowanna tank.

  5. Hey Joey, i am really curious about your bichir, could u pls make an update about him/her 🙂 no need for a whole video, just a couple of minutes is enough 🙂


Testing for Buoyancy of LIVE Black Soldier Flies for mud crab farming

Testing for Buoyancy of LIVE Black Soldier Flies for mud crab farming

Within the Crab Cellular System Time Lapse

Within the Crab Cellular System Time Lapse