BIG aquarium move – NEW fish room part 2 | The King of DIY

Today we move the large aquarium.

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  1. Man, what a mission! I am also getting close to having to move some tanks. I am unsure what is more complicated: moving aquariums of fish or moving terrariums/paludariums full of ants! Great video!

  2. Nice work Joey. Try temporarily removing the door to the gallery to see how everything looks with both rooms linked. Also, how will you deal with the humidity the indoor pond will come with?

  3. Thank you Gary!!!!. So how many days a week do you both work out? Joey is pretty buff. Awesome job. I had to redo my 60gal and I ended up hurting my hips 😞😥 But you gotta do what ya gotta do…right? Lol. I love my fish. 🐠💕😊

  4. Joey I have been watching your channel for about a year now and I love everything you do. I do have one question though why do you only keep fish. You make all these amazing tanks and stock them with wonderful fish but you don't have a lot of aquatic varity I mean what an eel and some snails are really the only non fish that you have. When and If you do make the 1000 gallon aquarium would you maybe think about added other wildlife like turtles or frogs that would be very interesting. I am a turtle keeper myself and plan to use your tutorials to build a massive turtle tank most likely replicated after your 540 gallon tank from a while back anyway just a thought would love some feed back from you.

  5. Joey… Looks like so much work.. hope it turns out as u wanted.. but I feel so sad for Frank… he is now on the bottom and hard to see now.. Went from your mascot to an hideaway.. 🙁

  6. All this concern for humidity??? he lives in cold part of the world right? I do not see humidity been a problem if it is due to heaters or something run a extraction fan. I know humidity I hate it. Gold Coast Australia in summer. An L shape or rectangular neither if its to be a pond I am sure it will have a curved or angled shape to it maybe with a window in the wall amongst the rocks


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Power Outage at our vertical crab farm and the bio filtration impact.

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