Best Aquarium Fish for beginners

What do you think is the best aquarium fish for beginners? AND WHY?! Let us know in the comments!

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  1. thank you for this video, I am very satisfied watching it because I am looking for video of pearl gouramis. They are, particularly the three spot are very hardy. One had commented here that in the Philippines, where they are introduced, they usually found in the drainage. 😁

  2. Love your videos always watch them and you give excellent advice I know it’s your opinion but I always go with it thank you so much I have a tropical tank and I’ve got a garage and love it thank you from Great Britain

  3. My number one aquarium fish would be sticklebacks! In particular, three spined sticklebacks. This is because they are everything you should look for in a beginner fish. They are small (maxing out at 3-4 inches), peaceful, colourful (the males are a bluey green and have orange/red undersides), and they are near indestructible!!! Well, the are very hardy. They don’t need a heater either as they are cold water fish.

  4. I had not considered the Pearl Gourami for my beginner tank. I'll consider for my next tank. I like Mollys and Swordtails but education provides insights to make different choices. Thanks for posting.

  5. Your so right. I keep like 10 of them in my 150 and 55g refugium sump. I love them however i think they are defently under appreciated in the generial hoby. Thanks for sheding soms light on this topic – Nik Diefenbacher

  6. Joey … your tanks look like " living pieces of art " !!! Each one so different , creative and so beautiful !!! We love watching your tanks …. your fish room is the best on YT !!!! We hope you will continue to post vids for a long time to come … we feel happy to have found you 😊💛 !!!! Also, appreciate that you use this platform responsibly and to educate . Best Wishes always 💛..Eddie n Jill.

  7. lovely video! Ive slowly looked into this hobby again after ten years. I think barbs seem like an easy and great looking fish, and active. they shine if kept in large groups, and can take different water parameters, eat anything and come in many colors. they even breed easily apparently. but i havent kept them yet sadly. phosphor, pink and tiger are my favorites.

  8. Betta, tons of variety, hardy, Labyrinth breather, and can stand mediocre water parameters. Also, some do well in community tanks if paired with the right fish. They can even do well with each other given a larger heavily planted tank.

  9. Do a video to make a theme in aquarium…i dont have any idea now…im blank for my tank…i want to do the amazon theme for my snakeheads…can you do one video


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