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  1. I just feel so lucky I was right there the day my buddy jumped out. I was able to save him and adress the issue. My moulded tank has a small gap at the back covered by a overhead filter blocking it. The gap seemed impossible to make for my aro but the day he jumped,I stuffed it with thermocol. Unluckily though, I lost 4 cichlids in my tub setup outside, 2 jumped and 2 were eaten by my res. They had got along so well for a year and then this suddenly happened. It broke my heart and now my res lives in my bathtub and the tub water level has been lowered. A new tank build is being planned too to make it 100% secure.

  2. "I've always done it like this" is the worst excuse not to make changes. You already knew steps you could have took to keep them safer. And yet did nothing. Oh well.

  3. I had an arowana and he jumped out of the tank and i had a bag of pennies on the lid. I raised him from a baby with a yolk sac on. I was so sad. hHe was about 2 feet long when he died.

  4. the arwana is full of eggs and it Environment it not suit her. unable to release her eggs she become stress therefore she strike the glass or jump out from tank.

  5. Was wondering if you use smart home equipment. If you have a setup having motion sensors setup can help. You'll get notifications on your phone.

  6. I know you probably won't see this, but what if you had nets and just put the greenhouse plastic stuff on top? Not a fish connoisseur, but it might help.

  7. 😂😂😂 when he said “do i even want to keep doing this?” Like of course you wanna keep making bank from YouTube just by having fish lol

  8. Why don't you try using a super strong net, yet one that does have some give, over the tank? Like, on the edges, it could be connected to pieces of secured wood, that could be lifted up when needed. Seems super easy… Ah you did just mention humidity. But still, that seems a small price to pay to make sure they don't jump out.

  9. Hey man. I'm really hoping you would see this. I absolutely adore your channel. You have no idea of how much I've learnt because of you.
    I've learnt that keeping 3 arowanas together is safer than keeping 2 to avoid fighting.
    I recently got 3 arowanas. An Asian Green, An Asian Golden Pearl and my favorite an Asian Red tail Golden (which I got just today!)
    The Green is the smaller of the 3 and is quite peaceful but the Golden and RTG (same size) can't seem to stop snapping at each other. I absolutely love these fish man and I really would like to figure out away to stop them from fighting. They're gorgeous animals and I would hate to see them get hurt. Do you have any tips for me on this subject..?

  10. Screw in planks over the corners of you plastic tops or make a little swiveling piece that can cover the corners i truelly dont see how a fish can get out of that but the corners will be the biggest weakness.

  11. Could've been fighting… Could've been a ghost. Unfortunately the lid didn't keep it in because of the strength of an arowana jumping. I'm sorry you lost a fish dude, maybe you can make corners like they do on sandboxes?

  12. Caught this from Wikipedia for what its worth;

    Cultural beliefs
    Asian arowanas are considered to be symbols of good luck and prosperity, especially by those from Asian cultures. This reputation derives from the species' resemblance to the Chinese dragon, considered an auspicious symbol. The large metallic scales and double barbels are features shared by the Chinese dragon, and the large pectoral fins are said to make the fish resemble "a dragon in full flight."

    In addition, positive feng shui associations with water and the colors red and gold make these fishes popular for aquaria. One belief is that while water is a place where chi gathers, it is naturally a source of yin energy and must contain an "auspicious" fish such as an arowana to have balancing yang energy. Another is that a fish can preserve its owner from death by dying itself.

  13. sorry for the loss buddy…. these animals /fish are like family to us and im sure its hard on you to say the least…. best thing to do is remember the good memories you've had with them and not dwell on the tragic incident that happened… all of these steups that you have are absolutely stunning and are just about works of art…..the fish in them have had 10 times better life with you then im sure they would get being with anyone else….

  14. Man, I hate how hard you are on yourself, especially because of how many people try to put you down about this stuff. You're doing amazing, and you can't help some weird stuff that happens. We appreciate you sharing with us, because we all learn from it, especially those of us that are interested and not able to keep these amazing fish. I understand you have to make sure to cover everything just to keep speculation down, but damn, you do a lot for this community. People need to chill and understand how hard it is to do what you do. Love you dude!


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