Keeping freshwater stingrays in the home aquarium is a lot safer than most think. Following some simple rules and of course understanding them more will help.

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  1. How can I keep my water clean like yours ? I have 2 canisters SunSun 204A. 450 litres (125gallons) of water . I have 2 stingray 1 arowana 2 small bella shark fish. I feed them twice shrimps. Water change 30% twice a week.

  2. I heard a story around 20 years ago. A fisherman died alone inside small boat with large size stingray and few baby ray beside him.
    People believed that guy just rape the poor stingray and accidentally contacted with the baby stingray and die due to venom.

    Can imagine how he suffered in the middle of sea. Poor lonely dude

  3. Nice clear video 🙂 exactly right said! I swim in my stingraytank aswell for maintenance. The arowanas never make a brawl? Follow me also for stingray, arowana and cichla videos

  4. I love stingrays! I would love to have one but I have two turtles. my turtles are generally fine with fishes but I think something as slow as a stingray might get bitten by them. My worse fear would also be that the stingray stings one of them, specially in the face and then bye bye turtles. But what do you guys think? Bad or good idea to have stingrays with turtles?

  5. Yes, stingrays are ALWAYS dangerous! They want to jump out and stab you in your sleep…they are always evil and will never stop. They might even kill themselves in order to make you sad so they can HURT you emotionally. They don't care about humans…but for some reason we care about them.
    They are curious animals…curious about what human blood looks like.
    Also, I have been studying stingrays since 2006 and know my stuff.

  6. I was stung 2 years ago from one of my motoro Ray's. It was the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. The pain did not subside for over 2 hrs. Lesson learned treat them with the care and respect they deserve.


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