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Today I unbox the Reef crest 35 all in one aquarium. The only real question left is… do I do saltwater or freshwater?!

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  1. I went to the link today and it is 'something else', i.e. url. Joey, do you know their new URL? I'm a techie and it changes to a tank lid company, which may be what they have done since this blog is 3 years old. Anyone else know what's up with that? TFS this vlog!

  2. Does the link not work anymore for where you can buy it? It shows an error then takes you to the website that makes the lids, but no aquarium! Can't find it being sold anywhere. ( I am in the USA if that matters. )

  3. Joey, I'm drooling over that tank. Thanks for doing this unboxing and thanks to artfullyacrylic for their generosity. I have to check them out now too.
    You are sooo getting me hooked back into the hobby/life.

  4. Hi, I have a phobia with acrylic. This tank looks amazing. I am just afraid it would scratch easy, stain and not have the clarity of glass. What is your opinion on that. Thanks for your video.

  5. Why use people acrylic for their tanks? In Germany it wouldn't happen. It feels so cheap.
    I have also problems with scratches on real glass, but on acrylic glass it should be horrible, isn't it?



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