AQUARIUM set up and given away! The king of DIY fish tank

AQUARIUM set up and given away! The king of DIY fish tank

The king of DIY was asked to go into his local fish store and set up an aquarium to auction off. A lucky winner got this fish tank for 1 dollar!

Joey makes Aquarium videos that will inspire and educate all levels of fish tank hobbyists!
This channel focuses on EVERY aspect of the aquarium hobby.
You may know him as Joey Mullen, the king of DIY, uarujoey or the DIY fishkeeper.

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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. has nothing to do with the video that i havent watched yet, considering its made by the king of DIY its probably a good one, i just wanted to put this somewhere where people can see it
    EDIT: nvm ill just make it a meme

  2. I quit fish tanks. I had quite a few fails along the way but actually as it turned out I am pretty good at saving fish from the brink of death. The reason I quit is because at some point the tanks became contaminated with these squiggly, moving things and I was like nope nope nope. I got rid of everything. I gave it to my brother. I even sold my beloved Viejas and my axolotl.

  3. So glad I got back into your channel! Was obsessed with fish tanks and your Chanel all thru middle school and high school. Now I’m 23 about too buy my first house and only main plan I have in mind for it is a big ol’ aquarium.

  4. Revenge to talk the store owner into? He has to let you interview him for your channel. You can ask the usual stuff: why sell and how you got into fish type questiins. But, also you can also ask about mean customer stories or dumbest things new fish keepers do or things he wishes he could tell customers and some other more interesting questions like that.

  5. Love how disciplined everyone is – only 4 Covid cases in Nova Scotia and everyone is wearing masks and keeping distance from each other.


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