Aquarium gallery update

Today in the aquarium gallery update, we talk waterproofing the 2000 gallon tank, plumbing and money.

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  1. This entire idea is DIY, or as much as it can be without being totally unreasonable. It's not like you had someone draw up the building plans for you, or plan all the electricity and plumbing for you. No one decorated it for you. No one's going to rig up all the cameras for you, etc. etc. No one is putting in the work for you. We've seen you DIY the basics like stands and smaller aquariums enough times now that it's good to see you go bigger and more elaborate with your plans. If some people can't appreciate that, or are just getting mad because they can't make exactly what you're making this time, that's their problem. You'd never be where you are today if you kept doing the same exact things all the time.

  2. When you build DIY projects you never actually build every part of the finished project. I've never seen anyone build their own water pump, projects that involve plumbing use standard off the shelf piping and fittings, and even when you build your own aquariums you use sheets of acrylic that were made in a factory. No one expects you to build every last little piece from scratch. And when it comes to creating an entire gallery as amazing as this one, the racking system you're having custom made is actually only a small piece. I don't hold it against you and I don't think you should consider this gallery any less of a DIY project just because some small part's of it were made by others. Love the anodized aluminum look of the units btw and am very impressed with the gallery so far.

  3. Bud here is the bottom line you are 100% diy this whole series is how to diy a fish aquarium gallery and part of that is buying a fish aquarium rack that's that big so you can move the process along

  4. Hey Joey, why don't you make a frame and connect those plastic pieces to them kind of like a lid. It can still sit on the inside of the tank and maybe you can connect them with a henge so that they open upwards and to the back towards the back wall. I'm not sure If i'm painting the picture here. The only thing you have to treat the wood otherwise it'll get soggy from all the water. The lid would be flush with the top of the tank and it would hold all the plastic covers together and it'll add a little weight to them (this would help with your arowana jumping)

  5. I'm gonna say no on the arowana in the planted tank only because he could threaten the other fish, even if he's small he's still threatening. but like idk if he won't eat the other fish then like hell yeah put him in there.

  6. Everything is looking wonderful! I think that you have taken "do it yourself" to an amazing new level. And I think it is wonderful how you've built up relationships with these really awesome small businesses where people are so passionate about the hobby. It's so cool to feel that we are part of building up a community where we can all be crafters. So I think that buying the tanks and stands the way you have is great.

  7. A bit of advice because I'm a tax attorney. If you're on budget. It means you're didn't estimate the cost of running this gallery for years to come. But that's not even the big tax question yet. Your property taxes will also go up now because you essentially expanded your home. This is no longer a garage but now livable space. If you plan to show this gallery to the public for ticket sales for example. You have now enter the commercial resident mix use tax bracket. Also all sponsor equipment are considered as gifts if the exceed 79.99 in face value which are also taxable. This honestly would have been all avoided and incognito. But you made this way too public to look the other way. I really wish you the best of luck and to remind you keep all receipts.

  8. You are the coolest joey! There will always be people you can't please, but you always handle the complainers with such class. Also, you have always been SO humble about the difference you make in our lives and with this whole go fund me thing- and that is truly admirable. Thanks again for everything you do for this hobby!

  9. First off I love all your videos. Watched many of them multiple times. Could really use some help tho, Joey. Looking to build a tank with 1" thick acrylic. What weld-on should I use ? Weld on 4,16, or 40? Can you help me out ?

  10. Another Great video. keep up the good work.
    The amount of time and work you put into the project is huge.
    Do you have any time for a day job…if so what do you do?

  11. Hi guys I know it's long but I need help I got a betta fish yesterday never had one before I have placed him in my community tank it's well established and well planted and there is more than enough hiding places in my 200L tank the water is fast flowing in 1 area but he's not struggling he's eating so far but he's constantly on the move swimming backwards and forwards up the tank I have turn down the lighting during the day and even lowered the noise in the tank from air pumps but he doesn't stop he calmed down a bit last night but today he's up and down he doesn't look stressed but he doesn't talk is this normal or is this an issue?? Just to give you an idea of how he's swimming he takes in some air at the top then swims to the bottom the goes from one side of the tank to the other gradually going up until he takes in more air and if another fish gets in his way he puffs up until the move is there any issue or is he still finding his feet any help will be appreciated

  12. +thekingofdiy Joey can you suggest a back up power system for a 75-100gallon system (saltwater reef tank) here in Memphis we just experienced one of the largest power outages in the past 5+ years power. Today in some areas of the the city we still do not have power and its been 8 days. I do understand i can only expect 24-48 hours of backup power. but i want a decent unit

  13. hey joey…..i ❤ your channel…its the 1st evr youtube channel i subscribed…….

    inspired from your diy videos… planning to make a canister filter frm one of my old water filter….. hope it gos well ….😁😉… bst wishes for yur upcoming gallery….

  14. I enjoyed the live video, but please next time setup some chat room mods and some ground rules for the chat.

    so many people were trying to have actual interaction with you but could not because of trolls and spammers.

    Would love to see more live streaming to see the process you are going through on this project.

  15. You're the man! I applaud your effort in completing the gallery as well as you deliberation in using funds correctly and diligently. I am interested in purchasing a DIY Fishkeeper t-shirt, the campaign ended for the limited edition signature. Will there be more options later?? Thank you for all that you do!!

  16. Joey, Thank you for taking Fishkeeping to the next level! No apologies necessary. I look forward to following this channel down the road. I wish you the very best and am grateful for all you have done for the Aquarium hobby.

  17. Just an idea with the piping. Could you have the pipe come up through the concrete then elbow just below the surface of the concrete. Then grind a channel for the pipe to run in. Then you could cover it with a plate of steel then hidden by flooring. Would be a dirty job but clean look. Keep up the great diys and great videos.




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