AQUARIUM GALLERY + My fish and tanks – Update 2

An update on my aquariums and aquarium gallery. Included you will see both of my asian arowana, my freshwater stingrays, my african cichlids, My flowerhorn and of course whats new in the fish tank gallery.

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  1. Another update. Moving right along. Made some decisions that will create some big changes though. I mentioned in the video electrical was being looked at today. This SHOULD be done this week. If so, with the electrical able to handle the load, we will be moving FAST moving forward!

  2. I'm sure you've considered this, but its worth mentioning. Auto top-off pumps for RO water are the best thing ever. Especially for saltwater where you really want to keep salinity consistent. Pretty critical for coral.

  3. Hey Joey, i didnt look at any of the comments below but i wanted to give ya some advice! haha i know right, i newbie trying to tell you how to do something…. But Look into investing into a wireless lapel mic for the future videos so your audio isnt going in and out. just an idea. Good Luck and great job on the videos!!

  4. Question on the saltwater tank. If u have a par meter, can u do a comparison to the greenhouse panels to see if it lowers the effectiveness of the light a sand bed level?

  5. Hey, Joey. love your content and super excited to see the concrete tank. I think you should set up a reef tank and on the same same system set up a fowlr predator tank.

  6. Nice looking work so far! I'm interested in seeing how you design the racks for the 120's. Making sure stacked tanks stay at prime viewing height gets tricky when you have to still be able to reach in and maintain…especially a taller tank like the 120!

  7. Hi joey . have you looked into compose hot water heating systems ? it can be used for heating air as well as water. might save you on the power bill . there are lots of videos on how to do it and you have enough land to put one in . just a thought. would love to see a video on it if you try it. keep up the good work .

  8. talking from a call centre person dont close your self in , even if its a fish wall you build dont do it …….. give your self as much room and space as much as possible and if possible a view out the window. speaking from experience can quickly become a chore, if it a hobbie stay to enjoying it then its not a job . every mans dream.

  9. Not to put a damper in your great fish gallery, but did you consult a Feng Shui person? The entrance should be offset from an opening so when good luck comes in to sweep all the negative luck, it just doesn't come into the room and directly out. Just a superstition. LOL

  10. The gallery looks great. I have one suggestion that for something that I have noticed in a few videos is when you walk away from the camera it gets harder to hear you. Have you looked into wireless lapel mics. You can hide it easily and can walk around and move freely with a good audio recording. Just a thought. Keep up the good work

  11. A King of DIY sign would look really nice in the workshop. The type with a wood panel background and lights behind the logo to make it glow.

    Would also be nice to see some artworks of your Asian arowanas, rays, and cichlids. I got an artist recommendation in mind too! 👍




Seeing color for the first time – AQUARIUM EDITION!!