Aquarium fish store tours in NYC

Aquarium tours i did when in NY


Sub to Justin(took me around to these stores):

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  1. May be the fish store is not organized but…i value more the spirit of the owner trying to give you everything that you possible could need in that small place..I definetively love a fish store like that…

  2. Man i went looking for the store in the tribeca area or lower Manhattan that sold only purple "red" parrots i couldn't find it…does anyone know if it still exist

  3. I think the coolest thing about salt water tanks is The symbiotic relationships. Get a Goby and a Pistol Shrinp and watch them, get 2 clown fish with an anemone, pretty interesting. I just think it’s so cool.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with your love of chaotic jungle style tanks. So natural and wonderful to see a variety of fish swimming in and out of the plants, picking at bits of food or algae on the leaves. Tons of crypts and echinodorus.

  5. You did good naming the saltwater fish. I used to have two saltwater tanks and 5 freshwater till my health got bad, they were a lot of work now it's just 2 freshwater tanks. Always enjoy your videos!

  6. Next time you guys head to NYC, I’ll tell you where you can get free Guppies from the East River with only knee deep boots. I don’t want to say publicly, but I’ll give you the exact place where there is a little cove. It’s my old stash place where many a flushed down the toilet winded up.

  7. Is that the one in China town on Warren Street. It’s my favorite Aquarium store in the city. I used to go there as a child in the 70’s! I’m from N.Y., N.Y.

  8. I watch your videos and i love your passion and affection on your pets. You also have a skilled hands. I decided when I grow up I want to be like you. Im 43 years old ❤️

  9. Wow these aquariums around the world look amazing, but here in Australia probably more Victoria doesn’t have the best fish stores, the best I’ve seen is around decent.


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