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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. So glad you did this.. i guess where you live theres a bunch of different fish available compared to australia.. mind you, the store looks so much better than all of my locals.., am looking to expand my current tank, but i hear plecos are often returned?.. thats sad, people need to do their research before purchasing.. hopefully im going to have a few big tanks before my plecos get too big for the ones i have.. so if bad ever gets to worse, i can move them into another tank.. i have 2 plecos.. whats your recommendation for 2 full-size pleco?

  2. You can NOT put male betta with females he will kill all but the female or females of his chosing
    Females together are fine thought
    Idk about a tank of males though i wouldn't risk ot

  3. Hey I have a quick question what type of (or look ) of a angel fish do you recommend I’m starting a tropical tank for a friend and if something is better in certain lights could you help

  4. A beta tank please!!! I wanted to put a few female betas in my 98 gallon tank I started but I want some discus and they probably won't go together well 😫

  5. you need the crayfish!!! they broke my heart with how cute they were. Also i love fish shopping with you, this is exactly what i do all the time, just walk around the store and talk to the fish


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