Aquarium fish rescue DISASTER

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Sometimes a good deed can end in a disaster!

PS: I’m LOVING these Thursday videos! Given that there is no real theme to them, i have been having a lot of fun creating a variety of content. Hope you guys are enjoying them as much as I am!

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  1. my first black ghost (a baby around 5cm) escaped into the filter (fluval fx6) and survived. I put a fish net around the output which is where it must have gotten into as a temporary solution. Mind you i keep a baby nile bichir and a rope fish in there and never had a problem at all. So i put a fish net around it and made sure there was no space for the baby ghost to escape through. I was wrong. These are stubborn little guys. He either manage to go through the output again or went through the input. Found him almost headless in the filter just an hour after checking on him. Still grieving but now i have made my filters ghost proof and next one cant escape.

  2. Joe, hate to say it! But smoked gar strips with garlic butter and cracked pepper corn! That’s how you make sure gar stays dead and has the best ending story! Ohh, serve over rice!

  3. i had a fish tank with 4 common mollies (i think that's the plural),1 goldfish, 4 zebrafish and 1 really rare fish don't know the name but it was small, red, orange and blue and they started to kill themselves by squeezing behind the filter and jumping out of the tank. soon I had a zebrafish and the really rare fish left. the next afternoon I see the zebrafish is trying to eat the rare one. there was nothing I could do though as the two fish were so small I would end up injuring them so all i could do is watch. Then the glass in the tank started to crack so i had to put the zebrafish in a plastic bowl. I knew my home wasn't a good place for an aquarium so I asked my uncle if he would take them. I passed him on to him and the zebrafish lived a good life until my cousin accidentally gave him a month supply of food one day. LOL

  4. I had a house party when I was 16. My “friend” poured jack Daniels and vodka in my mums outdoor pond……. safe to say I was not allowed a party ever ever again

  5. Several years ago I had 4 goldfish which I owned for 5 years. They had gotten quite large and outgrowing my 50 gallon tank. I decided how cool it would be to put them in my large pool outside and he able to swim with them. That day my fish and I had a great time and I thought I was the coolest fish owner ever! The next morning…….yup you guessed it. All dead from the chlorine. My heart sank big time! Great intentions and no knowledge. I now have 37 golds and 2 koi in my new pool pond and I love it!!!!! Minus chlorine! Lol.

  6. Not super big but the family Beta just had her bowl and everything cleaned and it was on the counter while her usual spot was also cleaned. I come into the kitchen where she was and there was my cat playing with her on the floor. I chase him off and pick up the Beta thinking she's dead but I pause before I throw her out and decide to hold her in her fish bowl. After a minute or so she starts moving and seems to be just fine. Definitely glad the dang cat didn't kill her and she's back to her safe spot away from him.

  7. Back in College in my Dorm room my room mate attacked me and he went to jail at night. The college removed the roommate from the dorm but that roommate knocked my Beta tank on to my bed. I did not know this until the next day about 24 hour later. I returned to the dorm room and found my green beta still alive laying there on my bed in laying in a wet spot from the tank water. I save him and he lived for another two years.

  8. Master Storyteller, captivating, thoughts together, well prepared, story flows. these are all terms and words that i would not use to describe this mess. its more of a rambling nightmare that caused me severe anxiety trying to suffer through it

  9. Shoot, man. When I lived in Oklahoma, those puppies lived in the river and could be caught and ate. My dad brought one home to show off, and he and some buddies said the stereotypical "tastes kinda like chicken"

  10. I once added some rescued fish to my established community tank, a lady I had helped with her tank years before had gotten demensia and had to go live with her daughter and she made sure I got her tank and all its inhabitants as a gift along with an outdoor koi pond and all kinds of accessories. It was a random mix of tropical fish that had caught her eye at Petsmart where she used to work, so there were barbs and flying foxes and aussie rainbows, convict, and one cool looking catfish which I thought was a synodontis, I did not know. Everybody got along.

    Until two years later when my Heros Severus died (at age 9) and then I lost a fish a night until I realized what I had was an Ariopsis seemanii, columbian shark catfish. I moved it to another tank which I slowly added salt to until it was brackish and this fish was the most active I ever had, later I had a fancy goldfish in the pond that got a fungus, instead of treating it seperately I added him to the brackish tank as treatment and there it stayed until this day.

    But when I lost all those small fish to this catfish when the boss of the tank died I had the same reaction, I did not ask for this fish, I just misidentified a juvenile of one species as an adult of another. Now I'm thinking of going with a brackish mangrove biotope with moonies and scats, a school of ariopsis and the one fancy goldfish.

  11. I had a goldfish when I was younger and I had this fish for a very long time I had it for a few years and the person who owned it before had it for a couple years so it was an old fish it was very big to I don't think it was completely a goldfish I joke around and say it was like an alien or something but anyway I was given a picasimus it was a decent size picasimus I had a decent size tank and I had a routine I would wake up feed the fish come home from school give him a little bit of a snack before I go to bed feed again I'm not joking this was a big fish the picasimus half its size long long story short came home from school one day and my picasimus had eaten half of my goldfish I have not owned a fish sense



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