Aquarium filtration media I have used for 15 years

Aquarium filtration media I have used for 15 years

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  1. Nice!! I love using a little pillow stuffing in my sump socks . In fact my first DIY filter when I was 15 before youtube and Google was nothing more than a power head and 20oz bottle with pillow stuffing and marbles in it ugly and impractical but my water was always crystal clear

  2. Please excuse my ignorance, I have kept fish many years ago, mainly Koi and used undergravel filters and my water's were all Gin Clear. My QUESTION is…. Are all man made sponges fine to use in filtration? PLUS… If you're replacing your polyester and mechanical media every few day's aren't you getting rid of the 'BACTERIA' needed for the upkeep of the filtration system? Once again please excuse my ignorance.
    Thank you Joey for another "FANTASTIC VIDEO", take care my friend 👍😷👍

  3. Amazing nuggets everyday I look through your videos pure inspiration.

    Can you do a video on the reasoning for certain media additions aside from the poly filters?
    Clear max

    I’m making my aquarium changing filter today when the media arrives.

  4. I am playing around with different media’s. I have a 20 gallon tank with a homemade lave rock waterfall setup. I have thick piece of coarse black sponge wrapped in moisture wicking material and marimo moss attached to it. That’s the first think my water flows through. Then I have a pump wrapped in a coarse sponge that has carbon infused. Next it flows down into lave rock and runs down the lava rock waterfall into the tank. Can anyone with experience tell me how well this is for a tank? I only have a betta in it

  5. When do you consider it time to address the cleaning or changing of the biological media? I’ll be using ~40lbs of red lava rock in my 30gal tall diy submerged sump for my 90gal discus tank… from your informative videos of course. Thank you and cheers.


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