Today we announce the winners of the king of diy biggest fan contest!


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  1. Hey Joey I want to circulate my tank with out using a overflow box, can I make a skimmer box an ha e my outlet hose in there? Have never seen it but I think it should work…

  2. This is great. It seems that what's standard issue for you is nothing less of different and stand out of everything else. Think this is amazingly fantastic. Thank you for being you.

  3. I’d love to go Dallas is a 3 hr drive but work already is a pain in the butt and I wanted to avoid going in this contest since even if I went it’s in the same state and only 3 hours away and plenty of people that aren’t as close as me deserve the opportunity to go

  4. Hey joey, i live 5 miles from dallas. i will be there and i hope i get to meet you in person.. you have inspired all my fish buying and tanks…… Thanks man

  5. Hey Joey or anyone who has input for this matter, I’ve got a 60gallon aquarium with 6 peacocks cichlids, 1 doctor fish and a handful of rosey red minnows. When I woke up the morning and went to turn my lights on I realized all my fish were at the surface grasping for air. The doctor fish appeared to be on his last limbs so I quickly did a 10 gallon water change before work and hoped for the best. When I got home the doctor fish was doing much better (thankfully I’ve had him for 3 years now and means a lot to me) but the fish were starting to go to the surface again, I did another water change but I recently tried new food and noticed they aren’t liking it. Anything I can do? TiA


Self Watering Microgreen Grower / Easy DIY Hydroponics systems

Self Watering Microgreen Grower / Easy DIY Hydroponics systems

Fixing outlet tubes pushed by aggressive crabs in Vertical Crab Farm

Fixing outlet tubes pushed by aggressive crabs in Vertical Crab Farm