My in wall aquarium update.

How I built this plywood aquarium ►



The “HOW TO” to building this tank into the wall will be coming out shortly. It was an easy build, yet difficult due to its size. I hope to have that episode aired within the next couple of weeks!


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  1. can I ask you a question please Answer my question I have my 2 inches Oscar and I have 2 inches goldfish when I put my Oscar by himself his not very active when I put my 2 inches goldfish and my Oscar is very active why? and my Oscars gonna harm my goldfish ?

  2. hey friend how are you?
    i would like make a question if you dont mind, what kind of light used for your arowana.
    i like very much how it see and i like the same for the mine
    thanks a lot for you answer greetinhs from Costa Rica

  3. Have you had any experience using Flex Seal or heard of anyone using it on a plywood aquarium? I'm researching building one as a summer project.

  4. I was wondering if you could use plasti-dip spray or the roll on Kind for a ply wood build instead of the pond liner. If your not sure what I'm talking about YouTube it and they even plasti-dip cars now lol thanks.

  5. Hi, would you like to visit Southeast Asia Borneo in Malaysia Sabah? There is a big cool fish place at my local fishstore. Plus you can visit a large mangrove place and delicious foods. Come hook me up and we will give a swirl around in the interest of fishkeeping.

  6. Hey Joey! I was wondering if you could do a video on how to make an in-line CO² reactor. You've done a video on how to make reactors, but CO² reactors seem to be a bit special… Thanks!

  7. a pleco should be fine with him :3, n since its dark the pleco will like it too n u should get an albino one so u can see it easily.

  8. hey joey can you help me? what size tank can i put my silver arowana in? hes small now but when hes full grown can i have him in a 36x36x16? i dont have the space for a 4by4 really but if needed i would. anything for this guy

  9. I sometimes take breaks from studying (it's finals week) just to watch your amazing videos. I will definitely be using these as reference for when I have the time to build and maintain an aquarium. You're awesome!

  10. Joey, gotta tell you man. I love your builds. Such incredible setups!! I'm hoping to someday be able to test some of my own DIY skills. Keep up the good work man!




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