Today we tour the aquarium gallery with a guest!

Emma’s video she did here!!

Come see me in Arizona!
(No ticket sales at door)

FULL DISCLOSER: I am not invested, affiliated or being paid by petfest. I am covering my own expenses. This helps new events like this(run by creators) a chance to get established and grow…. plus i get to meet YOU!!

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  1. I have guppies and tetra, in a 20 gallon c: all males… and hopefully no female tetra! I have no experience in keeping babies. As I am a starter fish keeper! 🐠 🐟 🐋 🐬 🐳

  2. I just simply love the gallery! you did a wonderfull job there. just wonder if you ever tought of keeping Neolamprologus brichardis? you would love this fish! so much personality.

  3. Quick question. Do catch and release fish always die? Among fisherman there is a controversy over whether catch and release fish always die due to things like drying out gills and expanded fish bladders. I'm guessing someone who works directly with fish and transfers them from one tank to the other would have an idea.

  4. I am so stoked for you to came to phoenix!! i will see you there!! yes there are aquariums in the desert LOL this will be the first show i have gone to my wife and i are so excited to meet you!!

  5. sorry dude but another fish room tour……….i'm out used to be a great place for tips advice new ideas but now its more biceps vests and flexing now i know what the mirror in the gym fells like even this poor girl looks unconformable around the flex

  6. Hi I am a fairly new subscriber and am looking for some advice just set up my first tank 22 gal had it running for 4 days went to the lfs today to get first few hardy fish to start cycling tank.took water sample and when they tested water was showing bit of nitrite and nitrate they said couldn't put fish in yet as tank is already doing a small cycle.? How can that be when there is no ammonia source think my tap water has nitrate reading anyway? Any advice would be appreciated thanks


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