Today, we take a look at all of the notable aquariums and projects I have going. Including the discus tank, My daughters aquarium, The 375 gallon acrylic tank, the 370 gallon plywood aquarium, the drop off aquarium, the planted aquarium, the scrap acrylic tank build and more!
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  1. Discus are not fish that I'm really interested in but if they breed frequently wouldn't they be exciting enough to keep as you can make money by selling the babies?

  2. Why not just put the arowana back in the blackout tank? Then you could do whatever you want with the other tank, like getting those cichlids.

  3. seen a number of your videos. very informative and creative. keep up the good work. and in regards to things taking time and money, i fully understand being a builder. keep it up. cant wait for more videos

  4. Ahem… fancy goldfish for the first tank. Then you can maybe also film them randomly swimming around for 30 minutes and put it up as a visual stress reliever for people who do not have such a beautiful tank with fancy goldfish in them. 🙂

  5. For the plywood tank, I'd go marine. You can do some spectacular things in a tank that size and the black walls wouldn't go to waste.
    (I know I'm late, I just wanted to put it out there…)

    As for the "scrap" acrylic, in a 6' column you could have a very interesting tank with a colony of shrimps and some snails. Alternatively a long low river tank, with a very strong flow from one side to the other (and an overflow at the end) achieved by a large pump pumping the water from the overflow to the other end of the tank. A few rocks to simulate the looks of a stream, and it would be perfect.
    Another alternative could be a brackish crab habitat. A sand bank that covers about 2/3 of the tank's surface and a water level that is about 1/3 of the depth of the tank. If you could even simulate tides having the water going from 1/3 depth to 2/3 and back it would be amazing.

    For the drop-off tank I still think that two pairs of blue rams would be perfect for it.

  6. trophius are prob what im going to keep in my 150 I just got ….I did have a question for you. Iv got a 55+ tank thats got 6 cichlids a blue cobalt, yello lab, 2 livingstonies, a striped peacock, and a pink and black spotted cichlid…. then I saw there were babies in my tank… I think the blue cobalt fertilized egg from the yellow lab and spotted peacock. the blue peacocks are some of the most beautiful cichlids iv ever seen should I put them in the 150 with the trophius? or can I? the trophius I can get are about 2 inches and nice and fat very heathly looking fish… the fry I have are about a 1/4 of an inch and grow very fast … I am just scared to move them from my 55+ to a little ten gal I have cycled but I may do that tonight lol … iv just been sitting here staring at my tank listening to your vids….



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