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Today we tour the aquarium gallery and take a look at all my fish and fish tanks with a SPECIAL GUEST!

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  1. This is fish paradise you are sooo lucky I love fish I have two fish one is a goldfish lucky I rescued from the carnival who is still alive and is male and then there is pickles I got from the pet store I don’t know what kind he is but he is a black fish with big eyes

  2. You know, out of all the fish youtubers I've been watching, I haven't seen anyone with swordtails and that really surprises me with how beautiful they are. Maybe once I get my tanks set back up I'll start making videos on them. Love all your tanks though! You, Soild gold, rachel, and taylor dean have all kinda inspired me to get back into the hobby. I haven't had fish in almost 3 years just cause college kinda took over my life along with my mammal animals. Once we move next year I have plans for setting up 3 different tanks 🙂 Love your videos! they give me ideas for aquascaping!

  3. If you use Maracyn on the tank with the bows it will kill the beginning of the Cyanobacteria you’ve got in your tank. Since erythromycin only targets gram-negative bacteria you don’t have to worry about it damaging the bacteria in your filter. As someone that struggled with it for months in my heavily planted 37g, it’s worth using while there still isn’t much spreading. Nitrogen dosing also helps prevent it.




Dragon Fish update!