After being gone for a few days, we tour all of my aquariums and feed the fish.

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  1. Hi sir. I'm from pune.
    I have purchases last one week ago highback golden arowana size 6' or 7' belong to Indonesia farm.
    He didn't eat stick ( hikari ) last one week.
    Only eaten small size gold fish as well guppies. ( 2/3 times )
    I don't prepared each every time provided live food, blood worms.
    How i can do for he eat sticks or please suggest best food for my arowana.

  2. You need to setup a watch tank so we can hop on and watch them thru out the day because some of us can never have that and i like watching the ariwanas and stingrays.

  3. Awesome ! I love your aquascaping . As a 20 yr tradesmen , a Glazier, who has also done just about everything in terms of remodel work, landscaping, etc etc I’m positive I could build an impressive aquarium. Seeing what you have done has me inspired. My dinky 125g just doesn’t allow me to keep what I really want. The Asian arowanas are what I really want to keep. Bravo. You have some of the most natural, beautiful setups I’ve seen. Far far far more entertaining than watching TV. My family doesn’t really understand why I sit in front of my 125 African cichlid tank and just watch.

  4. Loved this video! Very soothing and informative, super entertaining, really needed that today. Also, for the giant gourami you should name him Joe!

  5. Your giant gorami that you have reminds me of my childhood my uncle had one just like him his tank was the whole wall of his living room. I spent hours watching him he was very self awear too. His name was Elias or Ely. ELY would play with me I swear he would hide and come out then I would hide and he would follow me to that part of the living room Your videos just always make me so happy. I just had to tell you about him.

  6. Are those sticks/ branch looking things in your aquariums real? I wanna do something similar with my 45 gallon

    Edit: also did you make your own custom backgrounds? Could you point me in the right direction of someone i could contact to commission one for me


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