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  1. Hi there, all the way from Spain, I know I'm late with this as I just came across this video and don't know how I missed it, but I would love a book if you have spare as it would help me out a lot with sump systems and other filtration things I'm interested in . all I want to do is learn more and be able to DIY myself and properly, so I can provide my fish with great aquariums and things and so that not just me but everyone can enjoy it as well.

    Love your videos and just keep being you !!!

  2. Joey, the peacok cichlid in your African Malawi you pointed out and wondered why the FISH isn't colouring up is in Fact a female hence why she's not as colourful

  3. Hey Joey I'm 15 and starting an aquarium soon (im thinking a few blue diamond and snow white discus) but I don't what to get it until I know what I'm doing so I'm not putting the fish in danger so can you please do a video on how to cycle your aquarium when you don't have any that you can take media from.

  4. Unfortunately I missed your meet up in London due to work but your videos still inspire me and make me want to re-create some of what you do. Sometimes though, I find it hard to translate what I watch on YouTube into my own projects and I think a copy of your book would be the final piece of the puzzle to really get my hobby taking off!

  5. Hey Joey, I'm really interested in your book. I'm new to hobby i have a 75 gallon tank with gouramis and angels. been having troubles with keeping fish alive for some reason and i hope that your book will provide the insight i need to better myself in the hobby. im very excited about the possible gourami tank cant wait!!!!!

  6. I want this book because I’m just now starting out and learning! I only have a 10 gallon and I’m saving up to expand more and more in the future! I watch your videos all the time and I’ve learned so much already! (:

  7. I'm probably a bit late but I would absolutely love one of you books. I have a 30g, two 10g and my Joy inspired entryway statement pice 40g breeder. The 40g stand and overflow sump filtration I wouldn't have been able to build without your videos. I absolutely love your channel. Regardless if I'm chosen for one of your books i just want to say that you are probably one of the kindest, well rounded person and I couldn't imagine a more deserving person, for your fans support and opportunities given to you. I hope you keep doing what you do. <3


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