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An update on some of my aquarium, fish and upcoming projects. As well as some projects that wont be making it to video. Including my shell dweller aquarium, the asian arowana aquarium, a new 100 gallon tank build, the saltwater aquarium, my goldfish aquarium and my planted aquariums.

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Sunday’s we focus on a DIY aquarium project, tutorial or an aquarium build series.

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  1. Hey! I heard u live in Nova Scotia ! I go to Nova Scotia every year and I'm wondering why exactly u are located in Nova Scotia! I would love to stop by and se you arowana cause he's one of my favourite fish for aquariums! Thanks

  2. OH here is a super cool idea. Since you already mentioned that you don't like selling stuff you made, how about a charity auction and or raffle where all the proceeds go towards a cool charity. That way you can liquidate a little of your stock or older/unused tanks and can benefit a good cause at the same time.

  3. Build a aquarium under your floor and make it so you can walk on. Or you can make you garage into a giant aquarium for winter fishes like trouts,bass,sturgeons…

  4. my guess would be that you're selling them to your viewers and friends. it would help earn you a little money plus we all get to enjoy custom aquariums. i mean I'd love to make some my self but i don't have the time haha

  5. Joey, you are going to take down the old garage and bilud a new one. It will be a three car garage, with a work shop and studio to make videos. You are also putting in a fish room so your kids can have part of the basment back for a play room! I tell you if I lived closer, I would come and help put it up!

  6. Since you're running out of room for aquariums you can do tank give always! You have thousands of followers and viewers! One lucky person every now and then would be cool!


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A review of Biofloc Technology Equipment | Free Ebook Available

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