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  1. Maybe you should stop complaining about your champagne problems next thing you know you'll be telling us that your diamond shoes don't fit right are you bragging, complaining or both

  2. Frank has all the characteristics that i look for in a flowerhorn. Frank is it! Please stop hurting his self esteem by saying he doesn't have what other flowerhorns have! He has it!

  3. just seen your views on your tank's rememmber they are your fish and your tanks ,and we have our views !lol . after 49 years in the hobby and trade ,yes I would do things differantly ,we are all differant hobbists and we all have our like and dislike's ,so I would fill that Pond with Koi namely Ki shusui ,which I line breed here in the uk ,and Kumonryu ,Asagi ! these are really a Tropical Carp that do well in high temprature's ,and these are the King of all Fish .
    But yes not a Aquarium fish as they get too big .
    So for me Redtails and Alimnium cats and along with huge Fire ells and Pacu really look great in a big tank but take a lot of time and you must know how to feed them !.
    Personally I love the small stuff like firemouths ,kribs ,convicts,in fact all communiy stuff ,why don't you have a community tank ,and mix it up ,same with your malawi tank and you will get more out of them than just one type swimming around the only exception here is Dovi and bigger stuff I guess but this in all my own opion on your tanks ,so doing your own thing is best but you may get more with a mix it up lol!.all the best ,I have just subscribed today ,as I find it a great channel to watch a real fish nut ,keep up the good work .

  4. Joey ge t a pet Gibby and send him on hoilday spending a week in each tank he /she will keep that Glass clean ! and later you can use him as a target fish in Franks tank ! when you spawn him and wifee lol! just a idear !.

  5. DISCUS TANK IS MY FAV ,AND i must say your malawi tank ,shame your discus tank is not up on the top shelf where the Angels are ,I would swap them over ,but hey thats my opinion lol!
    its your fish room !lol not mine ,love all the tanks except Franks he and wifeee needs a biger tank !lol .


Grafting:  An Apple & a 4-Pear Tree

Grafting: An Apple & a 4-Pear Tree

Mud crab price hike for the 2018 year end season

Mud crab price hike for the 2018 year end season