All my aquarium project updates PART 1


Today we look at all of the upcoming DIY aquariums I am working on!
It has been a hectic month but with warmer weather and things calming down around here, Its time to get these tanks finished! I decided to reveal everything Im working on, so as to show you there is probably something for everyone! From small tanks to big tanks. Fish only to planted, to saltwater.

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  1. I want wish your daughter a happy birthday.
    I'm really really excited on the tank builds.
    when you get a chance can we have a conversation of a couple of ideas that I have and I need some help with a couple of my ow tank ideas that I have
    Thank you I appreciate it

  2. Hey Joey! I plan on making an acrylic tank in the near future. I would like the dimensions to be 6ftx20inx2ft. I was wondering what the thickness of the acrylic needs to be. I'm really worried about messing that up.

  3. First of All, Happy Birthday to your daughter, she has a great father. Second, I would love to see more cichlid ideas as that is what I am currently into (biased much? lol) and last how do you move things in and out of different places. I never seen you have a side kick, lol. I know those tanks have to weigh a lot. Also, do you have any special equipment just to move tanks around like a hydraulic lift of sorts? I think that would be interesting to see on how you move everything around. Does the wifey ever get mad that you move so many things around, lol.. jk. I am just teasing. P.s your vids are never boring, so don't think that.. 🙂 much from San Antonio, Texas..

  4. alot of us saltwater people come here for alot of your builds if you didn't a little more saltwater stuff you would be alot more popular down side to saltwater it's 10Xs more expensive than freshwater but we would love to see some more salt if you can fit it in thank you




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