While i know for a fact i could have made a flashy video and got more views…. i decided to pack information into this video. While boring to some, it’s what i love doing and one of the purposes for this channel. Enjoy.

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  1. Once a pair of Julies forms they will thump other fish buy there home. I feel you have wway to many Julies, usually 6 is norm to start with. Then pair or 2 forms. The babies from Multis and ragani will grow up together and not fight, multiple gernerations!!!

  2. I have parasites wiping out my first tank. I'm ready to quit. My 20 tall is gonna be here Saturday and I'm thinking about just sticking it in the garage. Feeling so discouraged. It happened out of nowhere after a pH crash. I'm doing all the things and the only one responding is my black king betta "Kingsley".

  3. Love the tank! Its so nice to see some Julies, always thought they were under appreciated. Now you just need some catfish… Synodontis lucipinis perhaps? Keep up the good work!

  4. Love it. I think the addition of some large floating plants with long roots would really improve the dynamic. Something like water lettuce/cabbage.
    The comps would spend more time even higher into the water column.esp as the java ferns grow taller to meet the roots. Freeing up more of the rock area for the Julies. which are only gonna get bigger and more territorial.
    More rock caverns would be great given the number of fish and how much of the entrances appear filled in with plants.
    Excited to see its evolution.


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