I got all aquarium installed into the aquarium…. but then i got a call.

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  1. Weird question, but if you add up all the tanks in the gallery, how many gallons is the gallery housing all together?

    Love all the backgrounds and the one you said is your favorite, (the three piece) I think that's my favorite too. Let's jet them filled up! Can't wait to see it all done!

  2. Joey, I am a big fan and am just getting into the hobby. I have a 30 gallon long tank and I was wondering if you could help me out by emailing me or something. I have everything except the plants, fish and water. Please respond in a video or add it to the end or something please because I would really like that.

  3. Hi Gary!  Thanks from a fan, for giving Joey a hand. OMG that rhymes.  LOL. 
    Love the backgrounds!  I'm late viewing the videos so have to catch up!  Exciting stuff going on!

  4. I ve really gotta get your book Joey. Yes much love to Jeff Kathleen and Scott and the rest of the crew at 1fish2fish they really help you take your fish keeping to the next level and thank you Joey for sharing so much with us ! Huge fan ! I ve got a huge question about polypterus – do you know of any methods correcting back issues or spine curvatures ?

  5. A cool series, (in the futures your incredibly busy now) would be a getting started series where you take a friend or a stranger and help them set up a tank for the first time! Idk I think it would be cool!

  6. You probably have no idea how many people love you and love your videos, I was in Greece for vacation from Calgary , I was in Athens airport watching your last videos where there were almost over 10 people asking me if they can watch your video with me . After about 10 minutes into watching you videos almost over 50 people were talking about you . You are the real inspiration to many people .



The LAST aquarium in the gallery