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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. Hi Joey,
    what pumps are you using? Your tanks are always looking super clean and clear. The sump setup is pretty easy. Is it just a high flowing rate or whats your secret?

    Greetings from Germany!

  2. hi sir, I am Con Pagute from Philippines, sir you could try to combine white and blue lightings, it could make your fishes and tank look much better, not yellowish…

  3. Hope she had a good birthday..and that you had a good day.. I love your videos I learn alot about the fish keeping hobby.. I want to get into the hobby more… keep up the awesome videos..and you have amazing aquariums.. I'm 15 from pei too not that far from nova Scotia lol

  4. I think it would be super interesting to see the various brands of bacteria compared under a scope! I loved learning about microbiology back in school and just to see it in the hobby would be all the better!

  5. Thank you for your videos I have been watching them for a while now and have been inspired by you to build my own 375 gallon custom tank for my aquaponics system I just started called redneck aquaponics I also started a YouTube channel under the same name because I was inspired by you to try to get this started so thank you very much

  6. Joey… Yes Please Compare Bacteria! We used a Seachem Stability regiment, followed by a Fritzyme 7 treatment on a 75g, coupled with 100% amonia. We collected water parameters every 48 hours with an API Master Test Kit. We completed our cycle in just under 30 days. It woul be interesting to see which product was most beneficial.

  7. One of the big reasons I like watching your stuff, watching you be productive sometimes kicks me in the butt to be productive. It's nothing compared to what you're up to, but I paused and went and blacked out the back and side of one of my small aquariums and it made such a huge difference in how it looks! Thanks for the inspiration, bro!


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