Acrylic -VS- Glass aquariums *put to the test*

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This is a comparison video between acrylic and glass. See how the benefits of acrylic out weigh that of glass.

Reasons why i use cell cast acrylic to build my aquariums for my fish.


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  1. Holy cow…. Old video. You've improved on delivery so much, not to mention it shows through how much more you're enjoying things and so forth! Great video.

  2. Nice video! However you can in fact remove scratches from glass with a cerium oxide solution and a drill. As long as the scratch isn't deep enough to catch your finger nail in. It's actually much easier than removing scratches from acrylic because you don't have to sand so many times with several grits of sand paper. Just buff wipe clean and buff some more until you are satisfied. – that being said if you don't have young kids and/or you don't think your aquarium will constantly be at risk of scratches acrylic seems to have a leg up forsure!

  3. Can you please perform a destruction test Glass and acrylic tanks for pressure.. Sealed tanks… increase pressure and see at what point Glass/Acrylic cracks or Silicone seals rupture ! Plz 😀

  4. I have a 125 gallon saltwater tank that was left in a house for a yr completely full. the water slowly evaporated leaving a line about 10'' from the top down all the way around. i tried everything to removing it. even Bar keepers friend but did not work. Any suggestions???????????

  5. brilliant review, i visited you review for a box that was regarding some family fortunes, 1 fault in your review is that when you do the drop test, neither the glass or acrylic is fixed down?? simply held down by some weights that my grandmother would use. No offense you've helped me, but please THINK. JP

  6. Thanks for this video. I think I'll just go with a 10 gallon acrylic tank (as an upgrade to my betta's 5 gallon tank). I'm a klutz and would probably break a glass tank anyway. The only reason why I disliked acrylic is because somehow the rubber suction cups on my aquarium heater abraded the inside of my tank and let nasty little circle marks! No idea why that happened. I had no idea that you could buff out acrylic, though, so that makes me feel much better.

    Completely unrelated: where are you from? You sound American but you have an accent on words like "about" that I find intriguing.

  7.  Starphire low iron glass can have as little as 10% of the iron content of regular glass, allowing it to transmit 91% of light, compared to 83% for regular glass and without the greening effect associated with thicker glass panels.

  8. Don't mention the bonding aspect of the faces of the acuarium. Glass bonds with silicon, but still, there are pieces separate from eachother, in the other hand acrylic welds on its own, making one solid piece.

  9. you should test how much weight it can hold instead of e it can withstand. your never going to have a 4 pound weight traveling 20 inches into the tank. I guess you irresponsibly place a decoration that could fall but otherwise a falling weight through air is pointless. how about just slowly adding weight to a piece of glass vs a piece of acrylic until it breaks. it actually comes down to how much can it bend instead of how much weight it can hold.

  10. I agree with acrylic tanks are better than glass, but to clear up one small thing, You can cut 9.525mm glass fairly easy and do it with any glass cutter. I used to be a glass fabricator (custom shelves, mirrors, windows etc.) we cut 3/8" thick glass for shelving and table tops and did it all by hand, It is tougher, but not impossible to do.

  11. Yes, acrylic wins over glass, BUT acrylic is more susceptible to scratch when cleaning with a sponge… and over the time it turns yellowish. Anyway, GREAT VIDEO! You're great and I admire you!

  12. more to do with enviromentals such as water quality and lighting. guessing you probably placed the aquarium were it got less light causeing slower growth or you added a stone or other object that was giving off toxins "done this can be very very bad poor fishes" and/or you changed water sorce possibly not relizing it. "always test water"

  13. Hi there Joey, You`ve inspired me to try acrylic tank. What type of acrylic should i look for, i mean i know it is better to use cell cast, that`s no doubt. But the question is, if there are any special acrylic for fish tanks (have heard of acrylic PS or PG note), or just a standard cell cast acrylic is enough. As for yellowing over time, people confuse acrylic with polycarbonite, which does get yellow, unless the are covered with UV filter.

  14. There is an acrylic thickness calculator on Joey's website,
    DIYfishkeepers. com (excuse the extra space at the dot com youtube will not allow the location of a website to be used) Go to diy tools at the top and select acrylic thickness calculator.



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