Accidental improvement on the 2,000G aquarium

Today we update on a few aquariums. Including the water change system, the 2,000 gallon fish tank, the large cichlid tank, and more…. also, i had a laser.

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  1. Interesting watching the first video after Frank passed 🙁 that's why the tank was blacked out, Hope his young mistress is doing OK we will see in tomorrow's video it being 8/12/18 today. No flower-horn can replace him just like no Asian Arowana could replace Buddy but thanks to the King we have there life on YouTube forever. I think there is a part of Frank in the Giant Gourami, maybe his spirit is in him. Caspa Frank maybe for his name 😀

  2. Ok so I have a question I’ve had a a black spotted pike Cichlid and I’ve had him for three years all of a sudden he stoped eating and suggestions on what to do I hate to lose him I raised him from a fry

  3. I think you should keep the Clown Loaches until the Viejas start to pair off. At that point I would move the newly formed Vieja pair to their own quarters. If he starts on the DV thing, just put em back with all the others.

    I really think a sudden removal of the Loaches is going to to result in a quick pecking order sorting itself out with whatever smallest/weakest cichlid getting bullied until the brink in which the aquariast has usually removed to avoid death of the fish. However, the second weakest becomes the new target, and the process will keep going on as long as that group of cichlids is left together to enact 'Lord of the Flies' on each other. Keep the Loaches…your observation of the 'Dithering Effect' is spot on and you should not betray this intuition.

  4. Love the channel. I worked with fish and aquatic systems in a large petshop chain for about 6 years and that led me to become a professional plumber. I have a number of automated drainage and fill/ overflow prevention methods. And while I'm VERY impressed by the large majority of ur set up, why did you choose to pierce the house and slope the drain that way instead of sloping the other way towards ur hot water tank/ sink room where u could have set up the drainage to ur indoor plumbing? If u want some tips message me! I'd be happy to help for free with the design!

  5. The first tank is my favorite. The fish are amazing, colors, like that they are not the same fish that "everyone else" has albeit clown loaches are mainstream but the other fish. Great choice and selection.

  6. I love when your east coast accent comes out cause I'm living central now and when my accent comes out people tease me and it makes me feel at home hearing your accent too😊

  7. Let us know beforehand when you come to the states man!
    You were hanging out with Brian Barczyk at BHB awhile back. You were like 15 minutes from me ! lol
    Meeting both of you at the same time would have been indescribable.

  8. Joey! Thank you! I've had fish for 35 years and your lazer stick idea for fish will provide me with endless entertainment for the rest of my life.

  9. Found this channel by accident and I am completely fascinated. Your fish look so happy 🙂 I need to now spend a week binging your vids too see how you feed them all every day. Amazing. So funny watching them chase the laser pointer – good exercise for them! Cheers.

  10. Seriously informative videos and beautiful fish as well as tanks…!!! Thank you for that! One question….. to put. Organic things like wood or other things in the tanks ….what are the rules … one does not "poison" the fish?

  11. I hope that you keep your word on going back to daily vids 🙁 you’re such a great youtuber and I constantly am checking to see when your next video will be


Incomplete molting of soft shell crabs in a Vertical Mud Crab Farming System

Incomplete molting of soft shell crabs in a Vertical Mud Crab Farming System

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No-Weed Garden: May 2019