A tour of my aquariums that he’ll never forget

Today we take a special tour of my aquarium gallery.

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  1. Great video! You seem like such a genuine person, I hope to meet you and Jenny one day! You both inspired me to get back into the hobby. I use to keep fish a long time ago and fell out of it after my betta passed away. I really want to get back into the hobby because I find it relaxing listening to the water and watching the fish swim. I have to wait until we move into our new house on the other side of the US next year but it'll be worth the wait. I plan on setting the tanks up in our art studio/hang out space where I'll be spending a lot of my time working from home. It'll be nice to have the relaxing sounds and sights while working and creating things

  2. hey bro, i gotta' say…… That was an awesome thing you did, had me tearing up and all. hope you keep up what your doing and more power to you and your page.. you awesome brah…… two thumbs up.

  3. Joey you are an absolute wonder for the Hobby there's another man I can think of that can only be compared in size in his heart and how he touched people and that Man's name is Steve Irwin AKA the crocodile hunter That man to me growing up man everything I have a Passion for animals I love them dearly that man made me wanna grow up to be like him he inspired me And I must say I see no difference and what that man did to what you are doing now I have a 75 gallon fish tank with a tiger Oscar to dictum cies and a possumus I grew most of them up from little babies myself and I've had fish tanks as long as I can remember and then passing it to my steps on as well right now he just has a Beta and we're working on getting a bigger tank in fact even for his Beta I'm hoping a pass on my Passion to him as well and when he gets a little bit older I want him to start watching your shows so he can get more passionate about the hobby so thank you so much from the Bottom of my heart for God sendind us another wonderful person .PS I said I do this as much as I could you need to come to Portland Oregon lol

  4. Thank you Joey for all the inspiration you've shared, I've been in tuned to your channel for a little bit more than 2 years now. I've been in the aquarium hobby at a young age such as yourself. I had my first arrowana at around the age of 8-9 yrs old. Keep up the great work!

  5. I just want to let you know that your videos help me everyday. My depression causes me to hope that I don't wake up in the morning but every day I look forward to watching more of your videos. Thank you.

  6. Aaww this made me so warm inside! ❣️
    That is one happy young man! He really needed to have some happieness in his life. Loosing a brother must be so aweful! You are awesome

  7. I don’t know if you’ll see this but I thought I should share. This was extremely touching, I found one of your videos and got sucked in and just started watching all of your videos. I’m sorry about beans. I got a turtle for my birthday when I was 12 and had him for 7 years, but when I went to college they wouldn’t let me have him in my new apartment, so unfortunately I had to give him to a new family. I managed to find a family who were immigrants and they’re daughter had autism. It was a great feeling knowing that my long time buddy would bring such joy to someone and that’s why I think this touched me so much. Keep up all of your good work and good luck to you in the future.

  8. Loved this video! I'm someone who isn't in the hobby, never been much into keeping fish either. But I came across your channel and got sucked in Immediately! Apart from the hobby being relaxing, you, yourself, make the videos so interesting, even for someone who didn't have any knowledge or interest in the hobby previously!
    I too suffer from depression and search for videos to relax me and get my mind off stressful thoughts.
    I've been captivated by the aquascaping and the level of creativity and artistic vision and skills that can go into it. The video where you went to UK for some kind of aquascaping competition. That was great to see all the different tanks.
    Anyways thanks a lot for making videos and sharing your love for the hobby with us!

  9. The hobby started as a way to connect with my dad and eventually turned into something that has really helped me in times of extreme stress. I know I can go home, sit in front of my tanks and let my worries "flow downstream". Thanks so much for sharing this moment with us, it was really heartwarming. 🙂

  10. Hey buddy! Sharik here. Have been following you for quite a while. I wanted ur suggestion on something. My flowerhorn is suffering from swim bladder disease. What should I do?? Really needed ur help.

  11. This Video was so wonderful and I am greatfull that you shared it with us.
    When a small boy and sad times came to my life, I would just sit in front of my tanks and watch the world in them.
    It calmed me like a Meditation.
    Problems changed as am 31 now, but still i sit there sometimes.

  12. This is now my favorite video!!! I got started in this hobby…sheesh when I was like 5-6…my uncle used to take me to a place called pet paradise in jeffersonville indiana…got me some tetras in a fish bowl!…been downhill every since!…turn 37 in May think I have 8 tanks up and running now…actually always kept fish in some from a bowl to a tank since then

  13. That was awesome bro.i got in to the hobbies a couple months ago.i found two little turtles in a sack of catfish at work and no one else wanted to take them so I took the little guys home thank you for the videos man your tanks are beautiful


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