8 FOOT LONG AQUARIUM IS DONE!! again | The King of DIY

Today we aquascape the 375 gallon aquarium… again.
Also… 800,000+ subscribers… to an AQUARIUM channel… INSANE!
1 million, i remove my arms and legs off and sew on fins. My final form.

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  1. Love the tank and scape. I’m having an 8ft built soon. I want the main attraction to be a huge school of rummynose tetra. Any suggestion on the number of rummynose I could have and also suitable tank mates? I’d like tank mates of various sizes. Possibly a few uaru

  2. I have a 220 oceanic tank with a single 2 inch hole drilled on on the bottom of the tank. Do you have any videos on what type of filter set up for this?

  3. This is my favorite of all the tanks you have done. It is amazing how the fish are all interacting with one another. The scape is simple, but elegant. I would just pull up a chair and enjoy. 👍🏾

  4. When having so many fish in 1 tank, how do you make sure all fish get their share of food when feeding? I worry that bottom dwellers are not getting the proper nutrition.


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