700 gallon MONSTER aquarium is here!! The king of DIY

The king of DIY gets his 700 gallon installed!

This video was filmed over a month ago prior to any isolation needs here in Nova Scotia, canada. As i have been mentioning in almost every recent upload. Im a month ahead on videos.

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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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The king of DIY


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Written by The king of DIY

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  1. I feel like in the next coming years at some point Joey is going to buy/rent a whole warehouse and turn it into an aquarium to satiate his need for bigger tanks lmao

  2. I would really like to see that 700 gallon tank set up for saltwater. Moving all of the saltwater fish and sting rays into the 700 gallon tank freeing up your 375 again for freshwater.

  3. “I’ll put a couple of chairs in these corners to watch the tank”.

    I give it no more than 2 months before there are tanks in at least one of the corners😂

  4. That’s what you should want. A tank that you can see that is not on the freakin ground.
    I always had a problem with the other tank.
    Glad you learned. 👍🏼

  5. Wow that tank is AWESOME! Finally something positive to watch. It's nice to get a break from virus news! When I grow up ( just turned 51) I want a fish room like yours. That was a smokin deal on that tank bro.. I bet you can't even buy the glass for that price.

  6. Nice! Love the look Joey! I'd keep the canister out of the "kick zone" by the door there near the quarantine room. Put it in that corner across the window, you could still put a chair in front of the canister with some clever arrangement, and leave the chairs there, don't change them out for tanks, it will be so peaceful! You now need another building, or an extension. You know that you now have the cylinder tank and another massive tank coming in the long term… More room, more tanks!!! So jealous!


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