6 new fish tanks! Im clearly pretty excited and had to announce the plans!
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  1. German Blue Rams in a 1… Apistogramma in 1 tank… Albino bristlenose in 1 tank… Endlers in 1 tank… but yeah I really really would love to see a big channel like this do Rams

  2. I’m excited for some 40 gallon tanks. You’re right it is more relatable. Though I do still enjoy watching your cool tanks that I could never manage to have myself. I think this will make a nice balance

  3. What is the Best pump to buy to handle One 5 gallon canister ,one 7 gallon canister and one underground filter back to a 6 foot spray bar. All DIY in a 150 gallon tank. I would appreciate any well experienced suggestions. Hopefully Joey can Advise me. I have Inline heaters also (2)

  4. I have planned everything that I would need for a 5 gallon tank for a Betta fish… Including battery run oxygenation for power cuts and many other detailed items and decorations that I want and I am expecting to pay £300-350 British pounds when I will finally get it 🤔

  5. I would love to see an African exotic tank, like the African butterfly fish or the African reed fish/rope eel. Or a lot of green tiger barbs, the only bright green fish in the hobby that I know of. Even an Oscar, fancy goldfish, or an exotic gourami tank like moon or chocolate or both would be cool.


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