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Tutorial on how to install an Aqua Terra 3D background. This is the model “Malawi” in the 48″ size. Yet, there are various models and sizes to choose from. This is a DIY video, so methods may vary. Choose the method that best suits your 3D background.

Background came from:

You can see how i build the tank this Background is in, by watching my 6 part video series titled: “HOW TO: Build and acrylic aquarium”


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  1. What chemical should I use on 3d aquarium background that's made from styrofoam thermocol bcz it takes 21 days to cure .once an old man on YouTube said me name of that chemical for quick use can u tell me it's name if u know plz

  2. QUESTION: Is there a way to fill in gaps/holes behind the aquarium background, without drying it and taking the fish out? Is there a substance or material that I can use? My fry somehow tend to squeze through some unknown hole at the side of aquarium, where the background ends, and end up behind the background, or end up in a build in filter chamber, or even worse, somewhere in between. Its literally a 1x1x40 cm tube-cavity in the aquarium corner, that stretches from top to the bottom of the aquarium.

  3. hey there if someone could help me out with some info i have found a place in Australia where i live thats makes these backgrounds but im not sure if i will have enough room after putting one in the tank is 15" wide and the back ground is about 4" thick would 11" be enough space for my fish or axolotl once i finish setting the tank up

  4. So, any tips on what to do when you want to install one of these in a 90G tank, but it's already setup with African Cichlids in it? Do I need to find a temp babysitter for the fish to install the background? And I'm going to use 2 Cascade 1000 canister filters – any suggestions on placement?

  5. i wish i saw this a year ago. i made a beautiful background which my fish routinely got stuck in. then, all of a sudden, a bunch of chemicals leeched out (although i used $80 pond shield to seal it) and killed ALL MY FISH. this time, i did like joey and got one made. thanks man.

  6. I saw a video where a guy got a piece of clear blue acrylic sheet, lightly sanded it, put a piece of live rock in back of it and lit it up in back of tank. I think he put the rock on a piece of wood attached to the bottom of tank. very cool effect, looked like being in the ocean. Would you do a video like this?

  7. Excellent videos! I build/fix pretty much everything I own so whats one more challenge. I have worked with fiberglass in the past and a cheap solution to the fiberglass background would be to use a thick bed sheet as your matting laid over a pile of rocks for the design, followed by a resin application. Seeing as how the F.G matte is so expensive this would definitely be a cheap alternative time/money wise. Thanks for the inspiring videos, I will be building my first tank very soon! Cheers.

  8. I have a couple of canister filters on the back of my tank. How can I capture my fish waste more efficiently with the background on or do i need to change filter styles.

  9. i saw the ones where u did the tank top, did u do any were the leds were in the background itself, you can use heat shrink tubes for the wires and still submerse the lights in the water, instead of lightin up the whole tank, u could place them under the rocks and light up certain spots, just a thought, luv all ur vids thou….

  10. i do alot of things with l.e.d. lights, and think u should get into it, i think this background would look bad ass with some (wide lense 5mm) lights up under the rocks



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