370G aquarium SHUT DOWN and FISH MOVED

I needed to get some work done in the old aquarium office. I got far too far behind on it and today we need to try to catch up. The 370 aquarium gets taken down. I ripped the wall down, then removed the arowana fish, followed by removing the tank, storing it and taking apart the stand(wont fit out of the door).

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  1. can you do a descriptive how to train arowana to eat pellets? i have an australian southern saratoga (spotted arowana) and he is still not wanting to eat pellets sometimes

  2. I'd like to see one masterpiece aquarium you keep and display in your house.. not like on TV where it looks good for a day. Just to show ppl even an old aquarium in a house can look awesome forever..

  3. hi joey so you've had the plywood aquarium up for 2 years now have moved it at least 3 times that i can think of and have housed a couple different species in it how about a review? any problems?what did you like? what did you not like? what would you do different if you built it again? thanks and keep up what you're doing



Aquarium racks are ALL set up!

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