370 gallon plywood aquarium UPDATE

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Today, i take you on a short update of my 370 gallon plywood aquarium.

Watch me build this aquarium.


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  1. Wow I must say , changing 80 percent of the water every week does seem excessive , Ive known people to go 10 years without any change
    of water at all.

  2. Would putting a ball valve on the overflow pipes let you control the rate at which water leaves the tank allowing control of the level? I'm asking because I'm not a fish guy but it makes sense to me.

  3. I really like this idea of a tank like this. How thick should the front Glass be for a tank built for 240 to 320 Gallons of water. I am a good carpenter and your video is very clear on instruction. I need to buy the glass front sheet of clear glass. Just need to know the suggested thickness and type. Should it be tempered?

  4. Joey choose your words, I'm English I nearly spat my tea lol the fish is already swimming in an Encased environment lol Don't worry Sir you're much much better at this these days lol

  5. need your brilliant help. I'm thinking of building a plywood tank 12ft long by 30inch high and 4ft back to front. will two 6ft by 2ft glass be ok for the front? there both 10mm thick.   thank you for any help

  6. a 80% water change every week? I have under gravel filters and a sump filter. my water tests clean all the time. I may change my water every 6 months with two Oscars 12 inches long. it seems you are over changing your water to me. I filter my tank 5 times a hour. don't get me started on my 1400 gallon koi pond. I filter it 8 times a hour using home made filters.

  7. What did you use to clean the glass after you painted the tank black, if u did get any excess paint on the glass? And I will continue to watch more videos, maybe i will find out for myself.. but what did u use to cut the hole in the viewing panel?

  8. while watching all 6 videos on the build and this update, I've been thinking building a tank like this. However in stead of the trickle filter I would go with an ebb and flow N.F.T. aquaponics systems using multiple rows, built with pvc pipe in the stand. Any thoughts suggestions?



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