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Today we tour Christine’s fish room in 360 degrees! Have a look at how she set up all of her aquariums. Looks at what you want, when you want. Submerge yourself in the tour with 360 degree viewing!


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  1. So Joey, you've shown how to do racks, drill tanks, over flows, all of that, could you maybe do a video on air? I havent found a good tutorial (at least of your quality) on how to run a system like the one in the room above, using PVC and presumably one or two big air pumps.

  2. hey I started building the overhead aquarium sump. I just have a quick question if anyone could help. will your typical sponge (must be very porous, I know) work just as well as the polyester filling? I've heard the poly filling polishes the water obviously the sponge won't polish but will it be as efficient ? I've inherited turtles and I have no experience in caring for them any help is much appreciated thanks for your time and your bids are inspiring. cheers!

  3. Can someone please help me to explain "proper way to change water in large tank"?cuz even i remove chlorinated water, fishes keep dieing till a week.I 'm suspecting this may due to a gas bubble disease or temperature problem.



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