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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. You're the reason why I have 7 tanks up and running! Two 20's, 29, 15, two 65's and a 125 gallon AFRICAN cichlid tank! Thank you! You've been an inspiration to us all! Can't wait to get your book!

  2. I’ve been very inspired by this channel! I kept fish before, but kinda always thought the super cool setups were too complicated and expensive for me to ever get into. But you showed us that they rly aren’t impossibly difficult. I’ve also always found it inspiring when someone just. Builds things they need. Cuz a lot of the time it seems like it’s too much to build something correctly (like aquariums)

  3. No one is going to mess with a pissed off angel fish. Basically, my tiger barbs are scared shitless of my angels. They know where they are in the pecking order of the tank. 🤣

  4. Don’t think you’ll ever see this, Joey, but regarding the way you feel that you’ve had to stick to the formula that got you on the trending page, all we really want to see is you presenting things that you’re passionate about!

  5. Your early DIY videos inspired me a lot in the hobby. I enjoy making things myself more than just what is available at the pet stores. Make them more my own.

  6. Man, you have the greatest videos!
    I saw your video on silicone caulk and glue you use but what about spray paints that are safe to use inside aquariums? Have you done a video on that? If so can you post a link. Thanks!

  7. A few months ago you had made a video, really just talking about where you've come from and where you are now. When you really just apologized for not "being yourself and started moving to do what YOU wanted in the hobby. I've been going through rough times the last year or so in the hobby, made mistakes and have lost fish who we really cared about. I've always really respected you and my only complaint has been you don't nerd out and slow down. Maybe make a second chanel? kingofdiyn (do it yourself nerd) I hate hearing you're scared to branch out to do videos you would enjoy making because you're scared to lose your platform.

  8. Inspiration: Yes, you have inspired me into the hobby, well, more than I already was. As a joke for my first Christmas in Alabama, my Aunt asked me what I wanted, and I was watching a TON of your videos, so I said I wanted a 30gal tank. Again, this was a joke, I didn't expect her to actually buy me one, and she did. That tank is with my Grandparents, in one of the spare rooms they set aside for me. I have a Blood Parrot Fish, 6 Turquoise Danios, another 6 Columbian Flame Tetras, a Pleco that needs a new home, and a bonded pair of Botias. Later on, my grandparents got their own tank, I let them switch out their 2 Flame Gouramis for my Blood Parrot, I don't regret it. All are alive, happy, and peacefully living together.

  9. You've stopped video too soon. Please let us observe your fishes more time. It would be really fun to watch them searching and knowing each other.
    You have so many interesting things to say, but I must admit that at 13:54 is the best part of the video. Can you do more of those like videos? The social aspect of each tank 🙂

  10. I have a 29 gallon planted tank with various tetras and corydoras, and a 5 gallon planted shrimp tank (minus the shrimp, it's a work in progress lol) and your videos just make me feel so inspired.

  11. You inspired me to get into community tanks!! And planted tanks! I used to only have a beta, but now I have a planted, community 30 gallon and 60 gallon! Your videos are amazing

  12. Love the random style of the video. This is why I got into the hobby and why I love it. I’m really proud of my tank but I can look at it and 30mins later I’m still looking, tweaking, trimming, replanting, planning


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