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  1. I know I'm late to the party but I imagine that when these fish get big when they jump they'll hit whatever lid you have with enough force to potentially hurt themselves. What do you think about lining the underside of whatever lid you have with a black mat? Like the ones in elementary school gymnasium.

    That's a 3 inch foam pad and since its black I'd imagine it'd limit how often they jump since they can't see past it.

    One sad story deserves another, I'd be willing to share how an accident caused me to lose all the first in all 5 of my 55s if you're interested, Joey.

  2. Hi Joey. Thank you for a very helpful and informative surgery video. I really plan on doing this sometime this year. Can you please let me know about the dimensions of your fish net, especially the net area itself? Thanks and hoping for your reply soon.

  3. This dude is literally performing surgeries on animals.He should go to college and get a degree and make 400k a year.Talented!Dude, literally go to college and combine the revenue from YouTube and you'll triple your yearly profit in 5 yrs

  4. Is it legal in Canada to do surgery on animas with out veterinary qualifications?
    Watching your hands tremble and knowing how nervous you were looked more like a recipe for disaster. Very disheartening to watch you do this.

  5. What you have there is not a microscope. It is a stereoscope and will not help you identify cells, fungus , bacteria etc very well. You can buy a real microscope for that job. I believe with a little bit of reading you can use it perfectly. It is the most useful thing in your level of aquarium hobby.


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