3 Aquarium filters YOU CAN BUILD RIGHT NOW

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How to build an aquarium filter. the top 3 choices with some variety. (Plus a bit of a rant about how one of them is used on an incredibly incorrect scale.)

Links to the original videos:
Aquarium watert Polisher:
Aquarium skimmer:
Internal air filter with ceramic media:
Internal air filter with fluidized media:


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  1. Good idea but if you make one of those surface skimmers or use this kind of media watch out for the media getting stuck in the impeller assembly .

  2. Question. What if you put filter floss to the inside of the bottle last so its on the cap side. Would that do the same as the sponge on the cap?

  3. Who’s trying to filter a tank with an air powered 500ml bottle filter that they are adding 3g of food too? Everything in this video is quite correct but I think there needs to be a level of expectation set. A 500ml fluidised bed is a lot of fun but not really suitable for a tank full of Cichlids. I think that’s what the video is basically about but I thought i’d mention it.

  4. What powerhead do you use? I just set up a gravel/sand/soil tank and it is very cloudy. I looked for the Marineland PowerHead and when I searched for it the closest thing I could find was the Marineland Maxi-Jet 3 in 1 pump for Aquariums. It doesn't seem like I can screw a bottle into it. What DIY and general aquarium supplies should you always have in your fish room? I don't remember if you have a video on this but I would love to see a video on it.

  5. This is one of my top 5 favorite videos! I learn by doing, so as I build this filters I'm connecting the dots in a meaningful and useful way. Thank you so much for teaching in this format.



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