2,000G aquarium reveal – IT’S READY FOR WATER!!!

Braces are off. Protective film is off. Time to reveal the 2,000G aquarium for the first time!

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  1. Yo joe am so jealous of your concrete tank. And I’m planning to build my own. Thanks for all your vids much love and keep it up. I love all your Arowana my wife keep watching your videos all the way from Philippines. God bless your family

  2. Hey Joey.. Any chance of putting a water fall backdrop and turtles.. your set up looks clean and sharp but maybe try you put a little living natural element with it .. I enjoy your content

  3. why make a tank you have to bend over to see into? that is the one thing I don't get about this tank. tanks should be eye level in most cases? just seems really odd.

  4. Joey, do you think it would be possible to use your "hidden filtration" idea (the built in tank filtration) as a way to hide equipment? like, instead of using it as a filter, I could have the output of my canister blowing out the top of it, and have a little wire mesh area next to the intake so water can still be sucked up? I feel like this could work but I'm not sure how this would affect filtration. it would be in a small corner in the tank, just so those massive hoses are out of sight. I'm trying to hide my equipment more, because I'm trying to go with a more "modern and clean" style with the aquarium to match my room. I just got a stand so I'll be moving my tank anyways, so I'm planning on doing something when I drain the tank, as well as installing a frosted background like you did with the shell dweller tank.



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