2,000G Aquarium Re Scape begins

Today we empty the 2,000G aquarium to get it ready to be re-scaped.

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  1. If you enjoyed the video, LEAVE A LIKE and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Would love to hear your ideas and what you think the rescape should end up looking like!

  2. i've been watching this channel for years and when one of these videos autoplays from a year ago i'm like "wow that was already almost 2 years ago" and i'm kinda just in awe of how time flies. at the time this video came out i hadn't kept fish in almost a decade (was focusing on reptiles) and now here i am 2 years later with a 55g setup of multies and punks with a couple hillstream loaches, amano shrimp and nerite snails. joey is the king of DIY but i'm doin it too over here.

  3. Why didn't you take the fish out before taking all of the wood, rocks and plants out? I would think that would stress them out more and you are going to have to move them out anyways.

  4. I have recently joined your channel and i have watched some of your older videos and its amazing how much your personality has changed over the years. But Im loving the videos.

  5. maybe you could put that pond sand matting on the bottom so when the rays move the real substrate it still looks good because of the base under it?


Timelapse of 735g Male within Cellular System

Timelapse of 735g Male within Cellular System