2,000G AQUARIUM MAKEOVER!! | The King of DIY

THE 2000 gallon fish tank aquarium gets a much needed makeover!
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  1. Looks amazing! The aro colour is killer, and yes it's very cool to watch their behaviour, kinda like how my oscars submit to each other.

  2. Wow the arowana really pop with the green! Im sad the live plants dodnt work out but it really looks beautiful! Glad the fishies and rays seem to enjoy them so far too

  3. Nice set up Joey, even your fish's colors came out great. I personally always had plastic plants. The plants you have lined up all around it now(don't know it's English name only Spanish malanga) I've always had one or two with their roots growing inside my aquarium and the plants overflowing and growing out. Talk about over filtration, that's on top of canister/filter(depending on aquarium) and sponge filter.

  4. Very important!! when building or buying a tank, make shure floor cant handle it! seen a tank go through the floor of a trailer the other day!! i have the fish..Saved them! i live in a double wide, i took my floors apart a while back, I can put as much as i want in it now!


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